Whoa! We have a blog?

We’re moving to Burundi!

Hello! Haha, we’ve never blogged before, so we’re learning on the fly!

Hopefully you keep on coming back to see what we are learning and doing as we prepare for this coming January!

We are so excited to share this experience with everyone!

Here’s a link to our brand-new prayer letter!

Newsletter – March 31st, 2012

We would like to share a few links with all of you!

Here is the blog for Simon Guillebaud, a UK missionary currently based out of South Carolina. Simon is the man who introduced us to a small little country called Burundi, and if there is someone who provided the spark for our flame, it’s Simon. A man of God, and a good friend with a passion to spread the love of Jesus at any cost. Simon is presently in the middle of a bike across the United States, called Bike For Burundi. They are aiming to raise funds for dozens of projects in Burundi, where Simon will be returning soon. Visit his website, and show your support!

Click HERE for the website for Youth For Christ Burundi, the organization we will be going to serve with! There you can find their latest newsletter, more information about the Gitega complex where we will be spending our time, meet the staff, and get involved with supporting them!

HERE is the website for YFC Edmonton, who we are fundraising with. Find out more about them!

That’s it for now! Expect more news soon!

Please email us at jandngotoburundi@gmail.com to ask to sign up for our mailing list!

2 thoughts on “Whoa! We have a blog?

  1. Byron and I read his book. Very challenging. Not the read but the subject matter. Very good. God Bless you both as you prepare.
    Love and prayers,
    Auntie Debbie

  2. Looking forward to following your travels. May God bless you and those you are helping,
    Cheryl Monkman

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