“Bringing Health to a Community of Hope”

Every time we drive home, a group of kids from our surrounding community stand near the gate with their beautiful smiles and wave at us…it brings us so much joy. A couple weeks ago, the baby brother of one of those children died from malaria…because they waited too long…because they weren’t educated about disease and what to do and when to do it. They don’t know that it’s bad to go see the witch doctor. There’s just no education…

He did not need to die…but he did. This is why we are here.

We are here to open the Shammah Health Center and “bring health to a community of hope.” We want to provide our community with health education and provide them with a bright and healthy future.

We know that when we are following God’s will for our lives, we will face opposition. We know this, yet when we are in the midst of these challenges, it’s discouraging. But we KNOW that we are meant to be here and that God chose us in particular for this very daughnting and humbling task. It is a privilege and an honor. And we can’t wait to open our doors and serve this very beautiful community of people.

We are actively raising funds for further start-up costs, as well as our operating budget for 2014. This includes staff wages, supply and equipment purchasing, a gas-powered generator for our laboratory, and our education and health promotion programs.

We’ve already seen so much change and development since we’ve been here, and so much of that has been as a result of all your support. There are still so many opportunities to make a difference, so please consider partnering with us and BYFC financially as we work to get the health center open!

Pray with us as we:

  • purchase medical equipment
  • continue to budget
  • ensure we have adequate funds for the clinic
  • compile our paperwork and create our charting
  • complete renovations and fix the leaking roof
  • start advertising and looking to hire our staff
  • continue to lobby for electricity!

All this in the next couple months as we plan on opening the doors to the Shammah Health Center in January – February 2014!

Help us fight this battle on your knees…


~ Nadine

3 thoughts on ““Bringing Health to a Community of Hope”

  1. Love this post! Love you guys!
    So excited for all the work being done, and for a community of hope in Burundi!
    Have a blessed day friends 🙂

  2. You guys are amazing, hold onto Jesus and He is faithful to finish every good work He has begun in you. Press through! He never said it would be easy, but He is right there with you! Can’t wait to get back and catch up, all our love…

    The Torres’

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