One Year in Burundi.

One year since we left Canadian soil and set foot in Burundi! What a year it has been! Challenging, beautiful, frustrating, and incredible! After one year living here, we are ready to open the Shammah Health Center! With everything we have been through this year, we are rejoicing in this milestone and know it is God who has carried us through and brought us to this very exciting time!

What a whirlwind this past month has been! We have 4 new kids at Homes of Hope! The building of the guesthouse has freed up a home to accept more children! How exciting! We have also been busy sorting out the last few details of the clinic before we open!

Great news! We have put out our radio advertisement for hiring, we have sorted through the resumes, we have phoned the candidates, and we interview on monday! We are looking for one head nurse, one head lab technician, and one chief cleaner. We are looking for well-educated staff with experience, who love the Lord, who work well in a team, and who are of good character!

We are starting with minimal staff and as our patient base increases, as revenue increases, and as demand increases, we will slowly hire more staff as we need. Our goal is to be self-sustaining from day one. And we are doing everything we can to help make that happen.

The clinic itself is set up and ready to go!  Many supplies have been donated over the years, so that will help us immensely in the beginning. We are just ordering the rest of the supplies and medications that we need as well as some pieces of equipment, finishing up our paperwork and statistics program, and sorting out the generator so that we will have electricity for a couple hours a day to perform lab tests.

We will hire our employees on monday, have them up in Gitega in the beginning of February, start training our staff with LifeNet International, and open!

Thank you for all your prayers and support! It means the world to us and this project could not succeed without you!

We continue to ask for your prayers and support as we venture ahead into this very exciting, scary phase.

Please pray this week as we interview our future employees, that God will provide us with the discernment we need and we will hire the right people for our mission!

We will keep you posted!


P.S. Thank you all for your prayers for little Annick. She is recovering beautifully. It was a miracle.


One thought on “One Year in Burundi.

  1. Amazing! You have done well. Enjoy the fruits of your labour and may the next year see ven more of God’s hand at work 🙂

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