Into a New Year.

It’s hard to believe 2016 has come and gone! There’s been so much happening, that it’s been hard to sit down and think of what to write and how to write it.

2016 was both an exciting and difficult year for us. Josh and I were apart for 3 months of it, between work trips and trips home to Canada to see my mom. For two peas in a pod like us, that was really difficult. We definitely function better together.

We’ve been in Uganda for two years now and our work with LifeNet is keeping us busy! LifeNet is currently in the process of hiring 8 people to join our team and preparing to expand to 30 health centre partners in the first couple months of 2017! We will also be launching a scientific research study to better measure our impact on health outcomes for mothers and infants during deliveries in rural health centres! Great stuff! We hope to update you with some exciting stories this next year on the impact that LifeNet is making here in East Africa!

LifeNet has also updated their website! You can visit the site at:

We were able to end the year in Canada with our dear friends & family! Although it was a special time in many ways, it was one of the toughest for us.

I went back to Canada two weeks earlier than Josh to spend some extra time with my mom, who as you all know, has been quite sick for the past four years. A few days into my time in Canada, my mom ended up in hospital where she was admitted for about a month. The first couple weeks were straight out of the depths for me. They consisted of a lot of fears, anxiety, tears, and sleepless nights. Without getting into details, the first few days we were in and out of the emergency room until she was finally admitted and got the help she needed. For a while there, we didn’t know which way things would go.

Josh and I were apart during these first couple of intense weeks and needless to say, he wasn’t sleeping and it was really difficult to be effective at work. But he did what he needed to do in Uganda before he flew in, where we drove straight from the airport to the hospital together.

Despite how rough everything was, we sure had moments of beauty in it – many treasured times shared together. Friends and family showed their love and support in many ways, and I can’t truly thank all of you who showed that support enough. It’s times like this when true heart-level friends show. My mom definitely had an epic amount of visitors. People who really stepped up and showed their love, not only for her and my family, but also for me.

The good news is, my mom was discharged back home on her birthday, a couple of days before Christmas, and we continue to pray for her healing in many ways.

It is so hard being away most of the year. But I’m so grateful that God brought me to Canada at the exact moment I was needed, not only for my mom, but also for my whole family.

Our lives are exciting and full of adventure (and parasites…), and I know how blessed we are having been given the privilege to see so much of the world and experience what we experience living over here. I do love our wacky, crazy, out-of-the-box lives. But it is not easy.

A lot has been going on, but we do look forward to what 2017 has in store for us and hopefully that means less time apart too!

Please join us in prayer for the health of my mom, the growth and expansion of LifeNet, and for our continued search to find a church family here in Uganda.

We hope and pray that God blesses you richly in this New Year! Thank you for walking this journey with us for yet another year!


We were able to spend a few days in Iceland on our way back to Uganda to rest & explore. I’ve attached some of our photos below, if you’re interested in checking them out!

2 thoughts on “Into a New Year.

  1. Great to hear from you and know that you are walking with the Lord and proving His goodness and faithfulness.

    I spent 10 days walking in June in Iceland in the early 2000, to the south west of the island. It is a stunning country, well done for making the detour.

    I am based in the Netherlands, certainly for 2017 because of a professional commitment, chairing a collaboration of 14 NGOs. Beyond that is in the Lord’s hands but I am interested in another international assignment in 2018.

    The Lord bless you!


  2. Hello Josh and Nadine It is good to get your update..I never am sure you if are likely to remember me from our brief connection whilst at the orphanage// primary school in Gitega..I was there at the time of the rock foundations being put into what became your house..You have done a lot since being you have news of them all and ofcourse Freddie his wife and the gentleman carer of the orphanage..You have done wonderfully to get into// under the culture..I should imagine not easy.. How is your Mother’s health now Nadine..?it must be hard for you to be so far from her..I had similar situation with my Mum so I can appreciate how it must be for you.. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you progress into what Our Father God has for you in this new year and season When I think of you Nadine I think of the fellow wrestler doing our best for a young goat to feed from its Mum..I can never understand the logic of the shepherd to keep them apart..perhaps you might have some wisdom or knowledge in this area of the culture. The dear Lord bless you and keep you safe in His great love I am not sure you make it a point to reply to emails with all your many commitments but it would be nice to have a note to brief me in the areas mentioned From Maureen Collings Hereford England Email address:

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