Update on Oliver.


I can’t begin to express our gratitude for all of you who reached out to us with such beautiful messages of encouragement and for everyone who joined with us in prayer. Being vulnerable and putting it out there for people to fight on their knees for our family has really been amazing.  God has been speaking to us through that and giving peace to our hearts.

We made it through this tough day and our beautiful boy did amazing!

First of all, today was the only day the anesthetist was working, so many kids were lined up for procedures, Oliver’s being last. So his procedure was scheduled for 10 am, meaning he hadn’t been able to eat or drink since the night before. That in itself is tough, but he also didn’t get seen until just after 12 noon. Surprisingly, he had a peaceful morning and handled the lack of food and water incredibly well, only melting down just before they called him in. We know that he was in this place of peace and calm due to prayer warriors like you.

He did amazing with the IV and the sedation. Once he was sedated, we just had to play the waiting game to see if it was successful or not. Josh put it so well: “God put Oliver into our hands 6 months ago and changed our lives. The hardest thing I’ve ever done was hand my sedated son back over to someone else for his procedure today. Holding fast to the truth that God loves for and cares for my son more deeply than I possibly ever could, and that he cared for him before he was placed in my hands, and that he continues to care for him now. I will be impatiently waiting until I can hold him again.”

Good news! The root canals were a success! However, both teeth are still very mobile and pretty severe inflammation is present in the gums and palate behind the teeth, that hasn’t resolved in the 12 days since the accident. If that inflammation and swelling doesn’t go away within 3-6 weeks then the teeth will have to be removed.

But hopefully we’ve been through the worst of it and the inflammation will resolve. This is what we are asking you to pray with us.

We can’t, nor should we ever, fight on our own. Thank you for reading. Thank you for standing with us. Thank you for your prayers.

We are also happy to say, that in a couple of days, we will be celebrating 6 months with Oliver! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Update on Oliver.

  1. Woohoo! I’m so glad to hear.

    Will be praying for him that the inflammation settles in the next 6 weeks.

    Praying for you and with you. We love you.



  2. For Oliver I will continue to pray for strong teeth and healthy gums. Also Nadine GOD allows things to help us learn, re-learn or grow. HE is always faithful. So I also pray for both of you. How was the blessing teams visit?  Tim 

  3. Thanks for update. Sounds good so far, we will continue to pray for all of you. Blessings. Joe &Iola

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