Prayer Request…

Hello everyone.

Please pray for Josh as he has been quite sick for the past 3 days. He has all the symptoms of malaria but while getting a tour of the Gitega hospital today, the doctor saw him and did some bloodwork and he was thankfully negative for malaria as well as other tests. It may be from a mystery bug or spider bite and is hopefully working its way out of his system. I had also been sick all night after the first day in Burundi with stomach issues, but recovered soon thereafter. I know that however God is going to use us here in Burundi is going to be good because satan is working hard to fight that. Although very sick, Josh has not wavered in his desire to be here and continue our work and he knows that Jesus is watching over him. Please pray for a quick recovery and for him to regain his strength soon and enjoy the rest of our trip.

This is a song chorus which is very much on my heart at this time: Whatever You’re doing inside of me, it feels like chaos but somehow there’s peace. And though it’s hard to surrender to what I can’t see, I’m giving in to something heavenly (Sanctus Real).

Thank you everyone.


Nadine 🙂

8 thoughts on “Prayer Request…

  1. You know that we are praying for you. Stay strong, you are so on the right track. God bless you two. We are looking forward to the many stories.

  2. Praying that Josh gets healthy, and that you both stay healthy for the rest of your trip. May God’s healing hand be upon you.

  3. Josh and Nadine: Tough times but you did not leave Canadian shores for a joy ride for yourselves, but to serve others in the name of the Lord Jesus. He’s the boss. . .He knows what He is allowing, and nothing can harm you. This test proves to yourselves that you have chosen the will of God and that will will be challenged in your life. You two have the right metal. . .made pf the right stuff. . .committed to the only Lord.  He will see you through.  Never forget it. Isaiah 41:10 is the antidote for fear and dismay. Rich blessings from above. Grandpa and Grandma R.  


  4. Hi Nadine and Josh,’

    God will accomplish His plan and purpose no matter what sicknesses may come to your way. Be strong in the Lord. We are fervently praying for Joshua to get better. I just want to let both of you know that I am so touched by your desire to serve God in such a country where all comforts are not available. Can you imagine the blessings that are waiting for both of you as you take on this amazing chapter of your life. Please Read Psalms 92 together today.

    Love you both,


    Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2012 15:50:19 +0000 To:

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