Update on Josh…

Hello everyone,

So we are not sure what Josh was sick with, but it may still have been malaria. Although his test was negative we were told that sometimes the first test may show up as a false negative. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know. Josh was not getting better…in fact he was getting worse. He was the sickest he had every been. He had all the symptoms of malaria but it could have been a variety of other things…So we pooled our anti-malarials for the “save Josh fund” and started the treatment. He is now improving…whether that is from the malaria treatment or just coincidence, we are so glad he is on the up-swing! It has been hard to see my husband so sick. Thank you all for your prayers. Please keep praying for a quick recovery and for him to regain his strength soon. We will be home in a few days.


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