To all of our loved friends, family, and supporters, Nadine and I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

This year is different than most. We leave for Burundi on January 15th, and won’t see another Edmonton Christmas season for a few years. These days are the last we will get to celebrate this time with family for a long while.

Nadine’s dear Oma passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this past December 6th, and we are surely missing her this holiday.

We are already starting to say our final goodbyes to friends and family that we will not get to see before we leave.

We are thankful for this time we have, and for our friends and family, and the many, many blessings we receive each day. As we make the transition to Burundi, we are reminded of the fact that we are going to a country where there are hundreds of thousands of children and men and women that have no family, have no traditions, and won’t have Christmas today. Nadine and I are thankful that we have friends and family to miss. It is a blessing and a privilege that so many people on this Earth do not share.

To each one of you who has prayed for us, who have supported us in spirit and financially, we send a special Merry Christmas to you all. Be thankful and mindful of what Jesus has done for us, and be especially loving to those around you. Be thankful for every hug, every kiss, and every smile. Every gift under the tree.

We love you all and pray that your holidays are full of God’s love, joy and peace.

Please take a moment this day to pray for the people of Burundi, and to maybe share their story with friends and family. 


Merry Christmas, from Josh & Nadine Guenther.

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  1. Hey Josh and Nadine, Merry Christmas to you both! We have been lifting you up in prayer as you prepare to leave. Hoping your last Christmas at home is wonderful!

  2. Thanks you Josh and Nadine – blessings to you! You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers as you go through these last few weeks of farewells and preparations for Burundi. Praying for your health, strength and peace.

    Much love,

    Jim & Janice

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