You are Cordially Invited to your own house warming party…

We are moved in! Officially!

After a ceremony this past Saturday evening, with over 60 people in attendance, including all of the Homes of Hope children, a ribbon cutting, a massive meal, and Fanta (pop) for all, speeches, songs and prayers, it is official!

A little over a year ago, my wife and I were sitting in a Boston Pizza in downtown Edmonton, having a conversation with Freddy Tuyizere, Bill Rice, and Simon Guillebaud.

We were awake, but we were dreaming.

We had a conversation that assumed many different things. We assumed that money was no obstacle. We assumed that great things could be done. We decided that we would choose to aim for the heavens and see if we make it off the ground.

Why talk like that? It wasn’t because we’re rich. We’re not.

It wasn’t because we’re all powerful and supremely confident.

It was because we decided that God was bigger than any obstacle that could come. We felt that even the biggest and most difficult ideas we had barely scratched the surface of what God is capable of.

One year later, a guesthouse capable of housing Nadine and I, as well as up to 20 volunteers at a time stands here in Burundi.

By the grace of God. Nothing is impossible.

We didn’t know where the money would come from. We just knew that God was bigger than finances. Through dozens of supporters, the money came.

It isn’t just a house though. Now that it is built, Youth for Christ Burundi has the room to start bringing in new orphans. There are hundreds of thousands of those in Burundi. Dozens of Burundians were employed that otherwise would not have been able to support their families.

Every time I put my hands on the walls of our home, I remember that God was the one who put them there.

Praise Him.

So, things are progressing. Nadine and I are settling into our new home. We might have gotten a puppy…named Simba…who is really cute…!!!!!!

We have had several exciting meetings, with the local provincial hospital, and with two separate organizations that are partnering with us to help the medical clinic succeed. We will be joining forces with Life Net International as well as the Segal Family Foundationin order to help educate our clinic staff as well as receive funding for a family planning program. Amazing.

We are working as health consultants now with Gitega International Academy, focused on developing a health and hygiene curriculum for the students and staff. Hooray for Primary Healthcare!

God is good, we are both feeling healthy and happy, and we are progressing towards opening the clinic potentially this summer. Don’t worry, we have plenty of work to do. Last week alone, four students were diagnosed with malaria at GIA.

Keep looking for updates and photos, we’ll be working on updating more regularly. Please, share on Facebook, email, twitter, everything. It would be fantastic if people could post this wherever they can. Burundi still needs help, and awareness is the first step. As always, contact us, send us an email, ask how you can participate. Thank you and God bless you!


9 thoughts on “You are Cordially Invited to your own house warming party…

  1. So awesome you guys! Will show the pics to the kids for sure! Wish I could make it to the house warming! Maybe someday! All our love! Cathy!!

  2. Josh/Nadine

    Congratulations! I’m so excited for you; the house is much more impressive than I thought it would be.

    We’ll keep you in our prayers.

    love, Byron & Debbie

  3. So great guys! Awesome to see all of the pictures. Wow. Keep up the great work. – Jeff Hennessy

  4. Congratulations! I’m glad to see that the guest beds even have mosquito nets as I’ve just experienced how useful they are. Will keep praying for you. Thanks for the update. 🙂

  5. A sunny yellow and turquoise house with a beautiful view, happy children playing next door, a silly goofy puppy and guacamole….what’s not to love? So glad for you both. Leslie Hamilton (Zack’s mom)

  6. Sunny yellow and turquoise walls, a beautiful view, happy children playing next door, a goofy silly puppy, and guacamole – what’s not to love? So glad for you both. Leslie (Zack’s mom)

  7. So awesome to hear from you guys – glad you’ve been received so warmly! Keep the photos comin’!

    Jeremy 780.466.7461 x233

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