It’s a Goat Party!!!

In Burundian culture, it is tradition that when the builders & workers finish a home, the people that hired them buy them a goat & provide rice, beans, and drinks. When the 70 or so builders & workers finished the YFC guesthouse (our home), YFC bought them 2 goats, which they slaughtered in the morning and cooked them up with rice & beans.

We got to be a part of that celebration…not the goat slaughtering (thank goodness), but the feast! The workers sat on the floor in groups and were brought large platters of rice, beans, & goat which they polished off with their hands. The senior builders got the honour of eating the goats heads & they ate every single part of those heads! Fanta & speeches were enjoyed (a staple of every Burundian gathering)! It was one of the very few times that any of these people were able to enjoy meat.

Though the goat did not appeal to us and we ate a minimal amount just to be part of the experience, we got to sit in a room with every single man and woman who helped build our home. We got to see every person who was able to provide for themselves and their families because of the money that was raised. We imagined that if all of those workers & builders brought their families, the massive room would be jammed and people would be overflowing outside…that is how many people YOU helped through your donations. One of the builders stood up and shared about how grateful they all were to have had jobs & to have worked on the house for the last 8 months and that they are hoping for another project for them to work on soon. We were able to stand up before them and share about how God provided for the house to be built, that many Canadians & other donors care for them and for Burundi. We were able to share about how none of it would have been possible without God…that we started with no money & that God provided it all. We were able to share how special that home is and how it will bless so many in the years to come. It was a special moment. It was a moment of impact.

Thank you all for your donations & your support. Please enjoy these photos, as you are apart of this story too.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Goat Party!!!

  1. Josh and Nadine

    Not sure you will remember me but it is so good to see how your house has progressed after being there on the Friday morning when the foundations were prayed over. I am sure you will be very happy there.. are you coping with the heat? Though I must say I found it much more comfortable in Gitega than in Bujumbura.

    Josh did you ever discover what you were suffering from when so ill at Hope Centre

    God bless you both in all that you are doing for the Lord.

    Maureen Hereford England

    1. Hey Maureen! We certainly do remember you! We are doing great, the heat is something we’ve adjusted to. We’re used to being hot and sweaty in Bujumbura, in a good way! Gitega weather is our preference though. We are glad it is home for us!

      I had dengue fever when I was ill back in August. It was pretty tough, but I got through it! All the best, thank you so much for reading! God bless you! Keep telling people about Burundi!


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