Happy (Belated, by a lot…) Easter to you all!

< Sorry everyone, I meant to have this up a while ago! Hope you enjoy the read!>

Leading up to the holiday, it sure didn’t “feel” like Easter. You know, some days here blend together, and it’s difficult to say that one day feels different than the next, or the one before.

The lack of Cadbury Cream Eggs didn’t help matters either. Not that that’s what Easter is all about!

We were talking about how much we’d miss our massive Easter celebration service with our friends and family at Central Baptist. We were talking about how much we’d miss turkey dinner, and even more so the people that would be surrounding us at the dining table.

But life here is good. We may miss some things, and people, but we have also gained a lot. We were able to take time this past weekend to truly focus in on the reality of Easter Weekend.

The sorrow of Friday, followed by the rejoicing and celebration of Sunday.

New life. Death conquered. Debts paid. Ultimate victory. So good!

Our Easter ended up being one of the best we’ve ever had, if not the best. It started with the Guillebaud (pronounced Gill-bow, for the uninitiated) kids running around our house scouring the floors, furniture and ceiling for easter eggs. Then we took a fantastic hike up one of the mountains surrounding our home. At the top of the mountain, we prayed to Jesus and thanked him for the cross, and thanked him for everything he’s given us here in Burundi.

Then we had a little Easter celebration service of our own. With Simon, his family, and Haylee (another YFC volunteer), the kids put on a skit for us, Granny Guillebaud read us hymn lyrics, we prayed, sang together, read scripture and held one of the best Easter service I’ve ever been to.

On the way back to Bujumbura, we had to stop in the mountains because we were driving through a cloud! You couldn’t see a meter in front of you!

It was a special day. I didn’t even mind the rice and beans that we had for easter dinner!

And hey, we ended up getting one of those cadbury cream eggs after all.

God bless you all, so so much. We love you and send prayers and thoughts home to you everyday.

Thanks for reading, and remember to share!




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