Has anyone ever heard of the Tour du Burundi???

Hey everybody!

Starting this May 19th, I will be joining a group of guys here in Burundi to bike around this nation in 7 days.

It’s called the Tour du Burundi, and a few guys from the UK, Canada and the US are traveling here to participate. The goal is to raise funds for a variety of organizations here in Burundi that work to benefit and serve its people.

For the past while it’s become increasingly evident that I need to take part in this event, and God is opening doors for how it’s going to become possible.

Here’s where you come in. In order to qualify for the tour, I’m going to need to raise $5,000 CAN in the next month. Every rider must do this.

This money will be going towards our Medical Clinic here in Gitega, so it’s a win-win. I’m incredibly excited for this opportunity, but it’s going to take a ton of hard work and discipline for me to achieve this. I’ve started training and praying that I stay healthy between now and the tour.

It’s been a tough couple of years for me physically. I’ve gone through reconstructive knee surgery, and had a bunch of other things happen to me that have kept me on the sidelines. I hope this is the point in my life where I turn to a new chapter, and I can resume being active and adventurous.

The most important thing is getting more funds for the clinic. This would most likely go towards the purchasing of medications and supplies, and it may even go towards the shipment of a medical container out here this fall, to bring supplies and equipment here that we would not be able to find in Burundi.

We are going to be biking 625km in 7 days, with significant climbs, and some long stretches in the hottest part of the country. If it wasn’t easy, I wouldn’t be asking for your support.

Are you in? Do you think I can do it? Please, support me as I do my best to raise awareness for this country and its people.

For those who wish to donate towards this, you can, as always, send in your funds to Youth For Christ Edmonton. Please designate them for Josh and Nadine Guenther – Josh Bike Ride, and send us an email or message letting us know you’ve donated. I’ll keep you all updated as to how our fundraising is going! Help us meet that goal!

May God bless and keep each one of you. Thanks again for reading, and please, SHARE this one!


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3 thoughts on “Has anyone ever heard of the Tour du Burundi???

  1. Hi Josh,
    I am enjoying your updates and pictures. I hope all is well with you and Nadine. What an experience you are having. Reading how you and Nadine are growing in your relationship with God, and each other, is wonderful to hear, I heard it said that 3 strand rope is harder to break than a two strand rope, so it is obvious that with God as one of the strands of your rope/marriage you will be able to do amazing things together. I sent in some money for you. Praying for good health and strength on your bike ride. I am looking forward to hearing how it goes.
    Cheryl Monkman

  2. Hi Josh & Nadine, Don’t know what is going on with this computer –Guess it just the dumb operator!!Anyway we’re excited about your vehicle and hope you have got t

    the taxes further reduced.We also have donated for your ride,Josh and pray for wellness and strength.God’s greatest blessings Love Grandpa & Grandma

  3. good stuff man! love reading the updates. but “if it wasn’t easy, you wouldn’t be asking for support” ?? i thought that was a funny typo 🙂 love, jeff

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