A little life. A big impact.


In this line of work, we have the privilege of being present when people enter this world and when they leave it. Sometimes all in the same day…

As I was stepping out of the shower, I was called to work early. A woman was going into labour. I ran to the clinic, opened the doors and within 10 minutes a beautiful baby boy was born…

But he wasn’t doing well. He was grey in color, limp, and barely breathing. We did CPR for about one minute and I helped him breathe for the next 45 minutes. We assisted him to a semi-stable state and then attempted to get him to breastfeed. This was unsuccessful and so I gave this tiny baby an IV to provide him some sugars, and my nurse mother-in-law kept trying to get him to feed. 

About 3 hours after he was born, he decompensated. We started CPR and continued for over an hour. I then had to make one of the toughest decisions of my life…to stop CPR. There was no way that he was able to stay alive on his own and there was evidence of brain damage at this point. I then held him in my arms for the next 20 minutes and watched him slowly pass away.

A new life. A short life. But a big impact. 

Sometimes we don’t know why things happen the way that they do. Why this little baby boy didn’t get a chance at life. Maybe he was spared from a life of pain and suffering. Maybe his death will impact peoples lives for the Lord. Maybe…

But just because something didn’t turn out the way we were hoping and praying for, doesn’t mean that the Lord is not present here. He most definitely is. By Shammah being present in this community, this mother and family were able to be in a place where they were comforted, and treated with dignity, respect, and love during this tragic time. I just pray that this was a witness to them. 

This was Shammah Health Center’s first death, but unfortunately it will not be its last. I feel that God has given me a certain strength since I have moved out here to be able to handle these sorts of situations. I feel sad, and if I didn’t feel emotion in my job, I would not be doing what I am doing. There would be no passion or driving force behind my work. But with God’s strength, I am okay. I can handle it. 

His name was Cedrick. And he was beautiful. He has made a huge impact in the lives of myself and the staff here at Shammah Health Center. I can envision him in the arms of Jesus, his maker, in the form in which he was intended, in the form in which we were all intended for. In eternity with our heavenly father.

Thank you for your continued support & prayers,




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