Anesie & Joyce.


Many of you are wondering how Anesie is doing! She has successfully had her first surgery and is still an inpatient at Kibuye hospital. They were able to create eyelids for her and the tissue is slowly growing over her skull. She still has more surgeries that need to be done and a long way to go, but she is looking amazing! You can almost picture what she would have looked like before the accident. 

She is still in great spirits, making everyone smile and laugh. We have received many reports from the Kibuye staff, that she is a joy to be around! It was so wonderful to see her again. We definitely miss her at Shammah. 

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers in helping give Anesie hope for her future. The money you have donated has and will continue to cover the costs of her surgeries, hospital stay, and a high-protein diet to help with tissue healing. 

With any extra funds for Anesie we have received, we have put into a benevolent fund to help others in desperate situations. We have already begun helping another young lady…

Meet Joyce. She is a 19 year old girl who had a parasite in her big toe that got severely infected. We drained her toe and we have been changing her dressings ever since. However, the infection has now reached her bone and she needs to have her toe amputated. Joyce lives far from Shammah Health Center, but because of the care she receives here, she travels a great distance to come. With almost no money, she scrounges up what she can to get a lift to the clinic, and once she arrives, has almost no money to pay for her treatment. She has debts every time she comes to the clinic, but has been diligent in paying them all off over time. She has very few family and friends to help her out. She has trouble making eye contact, looking down, almost embarrassed it seems, of her lack of funds and support. She is a lovely, beautiful young lady with a difficult life…not a life that a 19 year old should be living. She has no way of paying for this surgery that she needs on her own, so we are using these funds to assist her.

Thank you for all the care, love, and support you have shown for these people who so desperately need it. Please keep them in your prayers.



4 thoughts on “Anesie & Joyce.

  1. I LOVED reading your update. Thank you for all you two are doing there at the Shammah center. I am so privileged to know you.

    May God bless all that you do there at the center.

    ~Peggy Zeman

  2. Awesome to hear from you guys! Keep the comments coming and looking forward to hanging with you in August!

    Jeremy 780.920.0830

  3. We love what you are doing and we are praying for your ministry and your continued strength. We pray that you will not grow weary while doing what is good. You inspire us. In Christ, Ryan

  4. How wonderful to hear she is doing so well! I love seeing and hearing about what you are doing in the clinic. You and your staff are are making such a great impact for the Lord! Praying for you guys!

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