From Bussi to Burundi…

As things progress with LifeNet here in Uganda, we had the amazing opportunity to visit a small clinic on Bussi island, one of the seventy or so Ugandan islands on Lake Victoria. Bussi island has one of the highest percentages of HIV/AIDS in the world at 18% of the population. One out of every three children born on the island today has HIV.

It was a wonderful couple of days as we were able to spend some time with the children at the orphanage as well as visit the clinic and assess the potential to partner with them in the future.

Last week, we were able to fly to Burundi for a week of work with LifeNet in Bujumbura. It was a busy week, but very productive, as Josh was able to meet with the executive director of LifeNet before she moves back to the US. I was able to volunteer for the week helping LifeNet with their evaluation tool and working with the new Burundian medical director.

We were also able to spend Easter at our home church, CLM, and spend time with precious friends. I feel like I really needed that time to be filled up again with so much love from our friends and family there! It was a blessing.

Despite being busy in the capital, Bujumbura, all week, we were able to take some time and make a day trip up to Gitega to visit our loved ones there! We got to see the kids again and spent a beautiful few hours with the Shammah staff and Jean Paul, the regional coordinator for BYFC in Gitega. We shared lunch, shared stories, and shared lots of hugs!

The container of medical supplies has arrived! The staff are currently sorting through the supplies at the health center and are very excited about the equipment. The solar panels and solar fridge are safely there and will be installed shortly! It will be so nice not to have to transport the “cool box” full of lab reagents back and forth from town each morning and afternoon – “no more box,” as we like to say!

The malnutrition project is moving forward, as more land has been cleared to grow more vegetables and the plants are growing larger! It is exciting to see the Homes of Hope kids eating salad at mealtimes now!

Shammah Health Center is now open 24 hours and they are receiving a few hospitalized patients overnight. This is wonderful news; however, they have the same number of staff, so please pray that they do not over-work themselves and that they will be able to hire a new nurse very soon.

The Shammah team were able to share some amazing stories that they have experienced over the past couple of months. Chantal, one of the nurses, delivered a baby successfully by herself in the middle of the night! Also, a little boy came into Shammah in a coma and Dr. Zenon used his critical thinking to treat him quickly and effectively. The boy survived, but was just minutes away from death. When Dr. Zenon tells the story, he gives all the glory to God! What an amazing team!

Please continue to keep Burundi in your hearts as political instability continues to worsen. Rumours abound and safety is quickly becoming an everyday concern. Pray for godly leadership and peace.

Please pray for:
– Shammah Health Center, for continued growth and stability
– Continued growth in the malnutrition project
– Josh to find a vehicle for LifeNet here in Uganda
– Registration for our motorcycle to be able to use it in Uganda
– Future LifeNet Uganda staff…
– Registration for LifeNet as an NGO here in Uganda
– Continued guidance for Nadine in finding a job
– Us to continue to develop treasured friendships here
– Us to be able to plug into our new church


One thought on “From Bussi to Burundi…

  1. God bless you Josh and Nadine, have read both your blogs and am praying for you both and for Burundi. Grandma Ross

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