Photos Galore!

Hey Everyone,

As you know, Josh and I were able to take a few weeks in December to go on holiday in India and Nepal. I had dreamed of visiting these countries for years and years, and so it was a very special time for us, especially as we called it our “baby moon!” We spent time in northern India exploring around Rajasthan, and then spent Christmas hiking in the himalayas in Nepal. I joked that because I’m “paper preggo” we were able to spend our babymoon hiking in the mountains and eating questionable food! It was our last big and crazy adventure as just our little unit of two! Our next travels will still be great adventures, but will look a little different! It really felt like a monumental time where we were able to say goodbye to one season of our lives and move into the next!

This month, we also made a whirlwind trip to the UK for a dear friend’s wedding! We were able to spend time in London, Windsor, Winchester, and Bournemouth visiting different friends from our time living in Burundi. We didn’t stay in a hotel once during the week, as we were hosted and taken care of by loving friends. Josh was a groomsman in the wedding and it was a privilege to be able to be present for the wedding and celebrate with them. Being around our community of “Burundi friends” again was a really special time for us – it both lifted us up and also made us really miss the community that we used to have there. It was surreal for all of us spending time together in yet a different country, bundled up in the cold, and out of context from Africa. We thank God for the precious time we had together and for weaving our stories together in the most unusual of ways and bringing us together in one place yet again.

I have posted this blog for those of you who enjoy perusing our photos…there are many to look through! Photos galore! Enjoy!





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