Making A Difference

I love what I do. In my last post about LifeNet’s work, I wrote about the true story of Mary, a nurse who was trained on how to save a newborn’s life through neonatal CPR.

During that same month, over the Christmas break, a midwife working in another of our health centers saved two babies through the techniques our Nurse Team Leader, James, taught her. Another story of lives transformed through education and training. That’s just one nurse, with one training, in one of our 50 health center partners in Uganda. 

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, where another of LN’s teams operates, the program lead, a nurse named Saidi, taught a lesson on wound care. Nadine’s lesson, actually! The staff were blown away by the knowledge they received on how to clean infected wounds and promote healing. They had been taught to use cleansing chemicals that were actually dangerous and prevented wounds from closing. They were amazed by what they learned.

Incredible people, much smarter than myself, researched and published what they knew about cleaning wounds. Nadine (again, someone much smarter than myself), wrote the lesson, using research and our practical experience of treating wounds while in Burundi, and Saidi taught these Congolese nurses the material. Then, these nurses — working in a rural facility with little access to electricity, running water, medical equipment — put it into practice. Within a few weeks, they were noticing miraculous improvements in their patients with chronic wounds.

It’s the miracle of best practice. You can see the chain of events that lead to it taking hold. It took a team of people, working in different countries and with different backgrounds and experiences, to make it happen.

There’s another person crucial to all of this that I haven’t mentioned. You.

Without funding and prayers. Without support, these awesome stories don’t get to happen. It’s like having a book without an author, casting a play without a director.

I’m writing specifically to share with you about an exciting crowdfunding opportunity that we need you to be a part of. LifeNet has partnered with Johnson & Johnson to raise $16,500 USD that is needed to bring essential maternity and neonatal medical equipment to 11 of our health center partners in Burundi. The campaign is active, and will be online for the next 2 1/2 months. We have made incredible progress so far, but I know we need lots of people to step up and make sure we meet our goal.

Any pledge will help us get closer to our goal, but we will only receive this money if our goal is met! So the race is on to make sure we make it happen! Large or small, your donations will make a difference! 

We know globally that 80% of newborn deaths and 74% of maternal deaths can be prevented with known interventions and equipment. This is a massive gap that we are working to close.

We are asking each of you who pray and support us, who consider us as friends, family, part of your community, to pledge your support to this project, no matter how small. Any funds that go above and beyond the target goal will be utilized to support our programming here in Uganda! To make sure these amazing stories continue to be told.

Please pledge to donate, share this campaign, and be sure to continue to keep us in your prayers!

You can find the campaign HERE. As always, share on Facebook, forward this to your friends, to your networks, and keep us in your prayers.

Lots of love,


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