Oh, Canada!

We’ve got two brand new Canadians that want to say hello! Canada just got THAT MUCH more awesome!

I’m still in disbelief even as I type this, but it happened! 

We are the parents of Canada’s newest immigrants. We got official confirmation that our applications were granted yesterday!

I wrote in my last post, that it could have taken 3 weeks, or 12 months, we had no idea. Turns out I was wrong, it didn’t even take 3 weeks! 

All I can surmise from this, is that our prayers — your prayers — were answered. Big time. 

I will forever remember a sermon I heard several years ago. 

When you understand you deserve nothing (because of sin), but then learn that you have a right to everything (through our birthright as children of God), you come to a place of truly understanding gratitude and thankfulness. 

We didn’t deserve what we asked you to pray for us. Yet it was provided to us anyway. I am forever grateful, beyond any words that I can think to write. 

Thank you. 

What does this mean for us? I’ll share some details below, but this means that we will be coming home for an extended leave, most likely to take place for 8 weeks around December through January. We’re coming home for Christmas! <cue relevant holiday music

There are still a few things to figure out: 

  • The boys’ citizenship applications have been accepted, but they will travel with their Ugandan passports. We applied for a little-known “facilitation” visa, that is dedicated for this exact purpose; to allow minors who have been granted citizenship to enter Canada while they await citizenship certificates and Canadian passports to be issued. 
  • Their passports are still in Tanzania, but we expect to have them back within the next week or so. 
  • We need to renew our residency/work permits in Uganda — if we still have to deal with closed borders upon our return, normal visas won’t work, so out of an abundance of caution, we will be extending our residency permits now, which otherwise would expire in December. That will take a bit of time. 
  • We also have so many exciting developments with LifeNet to take care of over the next couple of months, and I will be updating you all on that front with a separate post. 
  • Uganda’s borders and airport are still closed to international travel. It is possible that this will change in the next several weeks, but if it doesn’t we will have to rely on specialized repatriation flights to exit Uganda. 
  • If Uganda does open the airport, then we will be able to book flights, rather than apply for seats on a repatriation flight. We hope this will be the case. 
  • We will look to travel in mid-November, settle in for our 14-day quarantine, and will then be ready to run around hopefully first thing in December. I will have a two month “home leave,” which we have been waiting for years to be able to take! 
  • End of January/Beginning of February, we’ll hop on a plane to take us back to Uganda (and the equator) so we can continue our work with LifeNet! 

So we are going to be busy as we prepare to travel and find rest with friends and family back in Canada, but we are more motivated than ever to move through these upcoming weeks, recognizing that incredible change is coming. 

We had originally planned to spend these past summer months in Canada, but COVID-19 made those plans impossible. Now that we are coming home in the cold, we may need a few things for the boys to stay warm and enjoy the outdoors, along with a couple of other needs. A car with winter tires, car seats for toddlers, snowsuits, gloves, Arby’s (how did that get in this list?), even kids’ skates we could borrow… we’ll be looking for anything we can get our hands on to make our boys’ first winter a special one. If you’d like to help, let us know — our good friend Iain and my mom Jan have kindly agreed to help organize some things in anticipation of us finally. coming. home. 

We cannot wait to see so many of you – we cannot wait for you to meet our boys! Turns out we don’t have to wait much longer! 

See you soon (I can’t believe I just typed that!)


Josh & Nadine, Oliver & Finn. 

Oliver and Finn, dressed for the occasion, proud to be our little Ugandan Canadians! Here they are holding a handmade Canadian flag, made by their Uropa, Nadine’s grandfather. He was also an immigrant. What a beautiful continuation of that legacy.

10 thoughts on “Oh, Canada!

  1. Im just giddy and so excited to hear this wonderful news! Oh, my! How great is our God! He is a good, good Father! I praise Him for answering your prayers ( and ours)! Please post lots of pics from Canada when you get there!

    Sending love, Debra Sent from my iPad


  2. This is such exciting news!!! I don’t write often, but you all are on my mind and in my prayers often! These words are so different than the words you shared with me the first time I met you in Thailand sitting that the dinner table!!!! I am so thankful for God’s favor He has shown your family during the past 2.5 years since we met!! I am excited for you both and your family who will be anxiously awaiting your arrival! We are praying all things concerning your flights will go smoothly! Blessing to you all! Susan BTW, I can’t remember if I have told you this, but our son and his family (who was still in training state side when we met) are in Brazil learning the language. With Covid they won’t be able to go into a tribe for a little while. But, that isn’t stopping their training! >

  3. This is a “Raise a Hallelujah” kind of moment for all of us! PTL! I know your time will mostly be focussed on dear friends and family, but if you need two Zippy sleds, one red, one blue, you can have them. We can be reached at 780 807 6477. If time allows, we’d also love to meet you in person and have you over for a meal. Dave and Christie

    1. Thank you both! We are so very excited. I think we will have someone give you a call about those sleds! We will keep you posted with when we think we’re able to get back home!

  4. Thanks for your update and we are excited to meet your two sons soon. Blessings and hope all the paper work gets done so you are here soon. We spent the weekend with Tim, Lisa Hudson and Talliah at the cottage and we know how exciting it is to spend time with our family and especially Grandkids, so we know there will be two sets of Grandparents awaiting their arrival. Blessings and we will continue to pray for your travel plans and safety. Love Joe and Iola


  5. Josh and Nadine Oliver and Finn greetings. and deep love of our Father God be entrenched powerfully in your very depths Love to you lovely special family
    This is coming to you on March ²²nd from Hereford England
    I have been thinking of you all as had not had much idea if you ever did get to Canada for Christmas
    From this account I am understanding that you did get home with your darling boys
    What a journey of faith you have been on
    So what are your latest.plans and developments…news. If you did as forecast you must be back now in Uganda
    Do so hope and pray you all as family are being kept in good health wrapped around with Holy Spirit abundance of the unseen Kingdom of Our wonderful Father God Jesus our saviour and Holy Spirit indwelling strength
    My love to you all

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